Annual general meeting of the CMS trustees, Birmingham, 09/07/06

Trustees Present: N Raphael, E S Dimitry, M Bassilious, R Gadelrab, I Neoman, N S Isshsk, I B Sidhom, M Youssef, M Bassilious

Members Present: George Malek, Fayek Youssef, Samira Iskander-Gabra, Gamal Gabra, Inas Matta, Mary Atalla, M Ibrahim

Appologies: S Shalaby, N Aziz

    1. Approval of minutes of London meeting of 9th April 2005.
    2.  Approval of accounts of the charity for the period from 1/4/05 to 31/3/06 presented by ES Dimitry.
      •  Total donation of year £71879
      •  Total spent £52874:
      •  CMS newsletter £575
      •  Global cancer care Egypt £7780
      •  New doctors support £8620
      •  The poor and the needy £35608
    3. There is a problem with the £6000 that was sent to GCC Egypt, where the Egyptian Security forces have frozen the account for now. It was decided to try to move the money back to the account. It may be best to release the money in cash to be redirected to the poor and the needy as well as global cancer care, on the understanding that receipts will be provided.
    4. Money collected for support of Global cancer care should be spent on global cancer care.

A steering group for Global Cancer care involves N Isshak, Samira Gabra, Fayek Youssef, Magdy Bassilious, and Nabil Aziz.

    1. A method of regular communication between the chairman, treasurer and the trustees. All e-mails were collected for future use (Raafat gadelrab).
    2. Detailed report on progress of Global Cancer care in Egypt and projected activities (Mr. N S Isshsk & S Iskander-Gabra)

– Training and teaching activities.

– Contacts with various organisations and individuals e.g. Ragaa centre, Rev. L Daoud, national organisations and churches.

– Palliative care provision to cancer care in Egypt

      • Ihab Karam in Cairo
      • Dr. Gordon Hafez & Dr. Ghobrial Kamal in Alexandria
      • Dr. Soheir Kamel in Tanta.

– Establishing two cancer care centres in Warrak, Embaba, Giza & Al-Romany

Hospital, Al-Hadra, Alexandria

Fundraising for the charity activities:

– Personal invitation, standing order, Gift aid forms, Global Cancer care information.

– Fundraising dinners at Manchester, Birmingham and London with Good speakers.

– The donators need to know the expenditure on the palliative care and encourage the Donators to help and support the services with medicine.

  1. Assistance to new comers doctors from Egypt (E Dimitry, F Youssef, K Sharobeem & Father J Albair)
  2. Three meetings of the CMS Medical student through 2005-2006

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