We clinicians belong to various Societies according to our specialities  We are all, however, members of one society ‘The Coptic Medical Society’ suggesting that we share something in common. What we share is one and the same vision: that we are all on a mission in our profession. That mission is to serve our fellow human beings to the best of our ability. In this, we are copying the founder of our Society ‘Lord Jesus’.

The main objective behind having a Coptic Society is to highlight the principles of our services which we inherited from the Head of our Society. We had to go through studies and exams in the same way as He was examined at the end of the forty day fast,. After He passed the tests He started His mission as a multi-skilled physician. Although we have learned that our ancestors the Pharaohs were highly specialised in medicine, hundreds of years later came the multi-talented Healer. This non-specialist, multi-talented ability also demonstrates the difference between his unique nature and that of any contemporary physician.

He was a dermatologist who healed the lepers He was an ophthalmologist who made the blind see and created eyes for those born blind He was an ENT surgeon who healed the ear of Malchos, the servant of the archpriest, after Peter cut it with his sword. He also touched the ear of the deaf and dumb and they heard and spoke. He was a neurologist who healed the paralytic He was a talented gynaecologist who cured the woman with a bleeding uterus. He was a psychiatrist who treated many of those described by contemporaries as being mad. As a paediatric psychologist He embraced the children, gave them love and took away their anxiety.

He was a cardiologist who cured Jyros’s daughter who was presented to him with what sounds like cardiac coma, if not death.

Proving that His unique nature was what allowed Him to do all the above, He raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days.

Finally, He was a great academic who had learned the books and scriptures well and used them as guidelines and an evidence base for his practice. In addition, He put His views and hypotheses forward. ‘You heard….I say to you….’

Ladies and gentlemen, we are privileged to belong to this association and to be called by the Founder of the society to walk on the same path as he took, accepting that in our profession we are ‘on a mission’ to serve, comfort and alleviate pain of humanity.