Annual general meeting of the CMS trustees, Birmingham (9/12/07)

New trustees were elected: Mr Magdy Michel, Mr Michael Georgy,Maria Dimitry, Mark Michel and Claire Raphael. Nagy Aziz to be contacted to see if he wishes to serve as a trustee to cover Manchester. The young people wish to call themselves ” Coptic Health Carers” ; to widen the umbrella and include all those who work in health, not just medics
Essam presented the accounts up to 31/3/07, Gross income £140771.00, Gross expenditure 139930.00.
Main areas of spending: Palliative Cancer Care, Support of the poor and needy, Support of new doctors. Accounts approved
It was suggested that CMS membership to remain at £10 annually, but a voluntary contribution of £100 a year is to be encouraged

In order to increase membership and awareness of the society, the following was suggested:

  • Have reps to cover various regions, Magdy to cover Nottingham, need a cover for Manchester
  • Produce a leaflet explaining the range of activities, ( MB) to coordinate
  • A get together Fri evening and Saturday. Fr Yohanna and Fr Thomas to be approached Kamel Sharobeem, Magda Youssef, Samia Georgy to work on this. Aims : social/ spiritual, but light
  • Fundraising for Baroness Cox ? March 08, Fayek to coordinate with Onsy Luca and Ibrahim Habib

Magdy Bassilious presented his work. The Alexandria Hospice is progressing well. Anticipated date to open May 08. A doctor and a nurse will come in Feb 08 for a month for training. The Hospice; the 1st in Egypt will have 8 beds, a day center. Work will also go on in community setting. Projected cost around £50,000.00
The Kenya project is also progressing well. Magdy purchased equipment worth new in excess of £700,000 ,
for only £50,000 from NHS auction. Cost of shipping and storage will take overall cost to £70,000.

Anba Boulos is very appreciative. Endoscopes, ventillators, theater equpment, blood testing machines, etc.
Fayek asked if trustees are to contribute £1000 each to support, this was agreed

All trustees thanked Magdy for his work

About Nabil Raphael

Dr Nabil Raphael is the President of the Coptic Medical Society.

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