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There is an ongoing support of needy patients, the poor in Egypt and Africa, and support of newly arriving doctors. However, the last few months saw some very exciting progress for the CMS.

In Africa: His Grace Bishop Boulos, visited London in May 2007. He explained the great need for medical equipment for the Coptic Hospital in Kenya. A new hospital is being planned for Nigeria. The hospital programme is necessary for the Coptic mission in Africa. The cost of equipment is high. Dr Magdi Bassilious attended several NHS auctions and managed to purchase large quantities of medical equipment at a fraction of the cost price.

The following equipment were purchased: eight ventilators, six monitors for BP, oxymetry, CO2, blood gas machines to test acidosis, suction machine, nebulizers, three gastroscopes, a bronchoscope, a colonoscope and a light source, two theatre tables, six diathermy machines, monitors for the operating theatre as well as a large set of surgical instruments for orthopaedic, plastic and gynaecology operations. Laryngoscopes, stethoscopes, 15 ripple mattresses, Kitchen food warmer, washing machine and dishwasher, mobile X-ray machine and equipped dental unit. The real cost of the above is in the region of £650 000. Magdi was able to get the above for around £30 000. One large container was sent to Kenya recently and another one is to be sent soon.

In Alexandria: A charitable foundation is about to be registered in Alexandria through the social affairs ministry. The foundation will support the running of probably the first hospice in Egypt for cancer patients. A large six bedroom flat was purchased in Fleming, Alexandria. The plan is to have eight beds, operating theatre for nerve blocks including epidurals to control cancer pain. The hospice will offer facilities for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and a roof terrace including a kitchen. The official opening is planned for January 2008.

Ibtisam, a recently retired army major who ran the army nursing school will be in charge of the palliative care centre. She will come for four weeks to London shortly for palliative care training in an English hospice and for further training by Samira Gabra, a palliative care consultant.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute financially to complete the above and doctors support is needed . Donations by cheque in the name of The Coptic Medical Society at Furlongs, London Road, Surrey GU20 6PJ. Please give your name and address for tax claim purposes.

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