Pioneer Coptic Doctors

Dr Ibrahim Fahmy El Meniawy

One of the first professors of surgery and one of the founders of the Coptic Hospital in Cairo.

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دكتور إبراهيم فهمى المنياوى 1887-1957

Dr Nagib Mahfouz


Professor Mahfouz is looked upon as the father of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Egypt. He was the first professor of the speciality in Egypt and the Middle East. He established the first midwifery school in Egypt. His book on obstetrics “The Art of Midwifery and Obstetrics” remains a classic until this day.

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Professor Naguib Pasha Mahfouz (1882 – 1972)
دكتور نجيب محفوظ 1882 – 1972

Dr Georgy Sobhy


Georgy Sobhy was born in Cairo where he lived with his father, who was a manager in an arsenal factory. His mother died a week after he was born. He achieved first place in the 11+ exam in Egypt and later joined Medical School, qualifying from Qasr el Eini in 1904. Dr Sobhi became an anatomist and wrote several papers in this field.

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Dr Georgy Sobhy (1884 – 1964)
دكتور جورجى صبحى 1884- 1964

Dr Hilana Sedarous


The first Egyptian female Doctor. Born in Tanta in 1904..after her primary education she joined the “Siniyyah” boarding school in Cairo and afterwards the Teachers the end of the second year she was sent in a mission to London in 1922 to specialise in Maths, she and Zainab Kamel being considered of the first female students in England.

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Dr Helena Sidarous (1904 – 1998)
دكتورة هيلانة سيداروس 1904-1998

Dr Ibrahim Mansour


Ibrahim Mansour was born around 1860 AD in the city of Cairo from an honourable and distinguished family known as “Fanous the Great”. When he grew up he joined the “General Patriarchal School” in Azbakia where he was educated and graduated thoroughly perfected in sciences and knowledge. He had predisposition towards serving humanity and advancing its cause. These talents had lent him to join the Medical School and to gain the love of his friends and the trust of his tutors.

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Dr Ibrahim Mansour (1860-1930)
دكتور إبراهيم منصور1860-1930

Dr Aziz El Masry


Alexandrian physician and surgeon global human artist… Dr. Aziz was the first to enter the treatment of varicose legs in Egypt was to be sent an invitation from Professor Johnson Dean College of Medicine, the Royal London for the latest ways to treat cancer and was always traveling to England every now and then to find out the latest treatment was him in England about seven doctors British friends have sent him invitations to visit England to see and watch the latest medical research.

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دكتور عزيز المصرى 1908 – 1991

Dr Khlil Messiha Gerges


Dr. Khalil Masiha Gerges published numerous research in the field of medicine and medicinal plants CMOS and its history. The proposal studied medicine and studies of ancient Egyptian clear impact in the dissemination of research on the treatment of needles among the ancient Egyptians as well as research in the field of Albarasikolojy – he was also a proposal to study medicine and fine arts clear impact on his preparation fees Scientific for many of the books of the surgery.

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دكتور خليل مسيحة جرجس 1924-1998

Dr Mounir Shoucri


Dr Mounir Shoucri began his career as a doctor in 1937 Consolation Hospital in Alexandria, which was headed by its General Fahmy your late Abdul Majeed and was Head of the Department of Internal Medicine by Dr. Ibrahim is the son of Mr. Abdel Sayed Abdel Sayed founder Mikhail Al-Watan newspaper.

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دكتور منير شكرى 1908-1990

From the book:

“اعلام مضيئه فى تاريخ مصر” (Bright Media in history of Egypt)
د. مينا بديع عبد الملك – Dr Mina B. Abd el malik
Professor of sports, Faculty of Engineering – Alexandria University, American University in Cairo.
كلية الهندسة – جامعة الاسكندريه – أستاذ الرياضات الجامعة الأمريكية بالقاهرة