Fundraising Dinner in aid of St Kyrel Trust

On 18th of May 2002, The Coptic Medical Society held a fundraising dinner in support of university students in need in Egypt. The dinner was held at St Mary and St Shenouda’s Church in Coulsdon, Croydon.

The CMS members were warmly greeted by the church members. Fr Ishak started the meeting with prayer. Dr Wasfy Yany welcomed everybody. In all 60 members and guests attended. The BBQ was delicious.

Dr Zoser Boulis gave a brief and interesting account of the history and the development of the Croydon church.Mr Wagih Aclimandos , Consultant Ophthalmologist at King’s College Hospital gave a thoughtful and witty speech on “ The NHS Today : fun and frustration”. The fun of the NHS varied from the excellent training we all had in the NHS, progress in our careers. Two main areas of frustration were highlighted.

The first: the blame culture which produces many unnecessary complaints.

The second: the stress caused by the style of many of the NHS managers today. A clinician approaching retirement may find himself being managed by a twenty five year old bureaucrat. Worse still, a senior manger in a well known Trust started this professional life in second-hand car sales. Wagih wandered how much do such managers really know about the NHS .

Wagih thanked St Kyrel Trust for the excellent work they are doing in Egypt.

Dr Michael Henein explained briefly about the mission of St Kyrel Trust. It supports 125 students in need in Egypt. Each student receives £100 every month, and an extra £100 at Christmas, Easter and the beginning of each university year.

He reminded us of the great care Pope Kyrollos used to give to university students.

Dr Zoser Boulis kindly arranged for a successful tombola.

The generosity of people, the support of the pharmaceutical companies and the tom bola all helped to raise £4000. Above all we all enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

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