The Birmingham fourth Meeting of the Coptic Medical Society

forthmeetingThe fourth meeting of the Coptic Medical Society was held on 30/03/02. The Holy Liturgy was led by His Grace Bishop Misaeel. He welcomed the delegates warmly. 58 members attended. The chairman Mr Sabry Gabriel introduced Fr Yohanna, who spoke briefly about medicine and in particular the long hours doctors work. This may lead to stress. He suggested coping with stress as a future topic.

pahorMr Ahmes Pahor Labib , an ENT consultant and historian, gave a most interesting lecture on “Medicine& Surgery in Old Egypt”. He gave numerous examples of how advanced medicine was in old Egypt. The technique of reducing a dislocated shoulder remains the same as now. Trephine operation was known in old Egypt. Dental abscesses were drained with a hand drill. The first prescription in the world was written in Egypt.

Fr Mikhael Salama gave a stimulating presentation on how Christianity came to the UK. He explained that seven Egyptian monks were buried in Ireland. St Patrick, who first introduced Christianity to Ireland, sent his disciples to learn the monastic rules from the Egyptian monks, which would explain the similarity between the Coptic and Irish liturgy and art.

Mr Essam Dimitry led a discussion on investment in property and inheritance tax. He suggested contacting Mr Tim Henderson, a financial consultant, for further advice. Tel 0207 744 1500. He also reminded the delegates that occasionally, some surgical sutures and instruments may become surplus to the NHS need. These could be of use in Coptic charitable hospitals. Tel; 01276 479045.

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